André Filipek-Magaña
b. 1992, Lagunitas, CA
lives and works in Brooklyn, New York


2019 Reclinados, Prairie, Chicago, Illinois
2019 Pinopuenteros, Holding Contemporary, Portland, Oregon
2018   While Removing the Garbage or Paying The Cleaner, American Medium, New York, New York (with Cole Lu)
2018 The Codex Selden, 77 Mulberry, New York, New York
2017   Dora Drawings, Jace, Los Angeles, California
2017 Modern Family, 100% Gallery, San Francisco, California
2017  Retrato De Malinalli Con Fruta Temporal, Produce Model, Chicago, Illinois (with Galia Basail-Mulcahy)
2017 el que nace pa maceta no sale del corredor... Wreath, Atlanta, Georgia
2017 Hesitating, Amor Tlalpan,  Mexico City, DF, Mexico
2016   Manzanillo’s Unction, Yeah Maybe, Minneapolis, Minnesota
2015   Cowboy Ghost Watching Me When I Sleep?, False Front, Portland, Oregon (with Carly Mandel)
2015 Pup Insolence, Composition, Portland, Oregon
2015 Dora Paintings, 1429 Johnson, Portland, Oregon
2013   Visualize (ethnoUnity), Higgins Gallery, Portland Oregon
2012   Fuction Impasse, Foco Gallery, Portland Oregon


2019 Warmth is not simple, curated by Eileen Isagon Skyers, Frame Contemporary Art / Sorbus, Helsinki, FI
2019 CARRIAGE, curated by HOLDING Contemporary, Vacation Gallery, New York, New York
2019 New Moon, Hotel Art Pavillion, Brooklyn, New York
2018   This Country, organized By Kahlil Irving, Zilkha Gallery, Wesleyan University, Middletown, Connecticut
2018 At the End of the Game You Will Be Forgotten, Alyssa Davis Gallery, New York, New York
2018 Images of Power, Freight Gallery, San Antonio, Texas
2017   El Sol Sale Para Todxs, Soda Mundial, Chicago, Illinois
2017 Open Space Art Fair, Yeah Maybe, Baltimore, Marlyand
2017 Daisy, 27 Arion, Brooklyn, New York
2015   Fast Forward, Stadelschule, Frankfurt-Am-Main, Germany
2015 Fast Forward, Worksound International, Portland, OR
2013   Hiatus, Place, Portland Oregon
2013 Fringe Merger, Pacific Northwest College of Art, Portland, Oregon
2013 24-Karat Pretense, Store, Portland, Oregon


2019 “World of Yohji Yamamoto: The Futility Question” In-Store Installation, Totokaelo, New York, NY


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